Become an Elusive Object of Desire // Human Nature Series 06

“You think you’re such a smart, rational person, but it’s bullshit. We have a nature.” -Robert Greene

We would like to believe that we see things as they are, but that is never the case. We are influenced by the activity of other people. Whether picking a band to watch or a pair of sneakers, we get caught up in what other people are choosing. Just look at the way street performers will rally a crowd to make a snowball effect. Eventually, we can’t see the performer, but we go to see what caused the crowd.


1. Respect Their Psychology. Think of your audience first. What do they dream of? See how they look at themselves and what you offer, then give them something aspirational and exciting. Don’t be blunt. Be mysterious and leave some room for imagination.


Covetousness will spur you to action, but it can only take you so far. If you are always discontent, you will fail to put down deep roots and develop. Chasing new highs through material possessions will suck up your time and hurt you financially. Constant pursuit of the perfect partner will prevent you from making the effort to develop the relationships you have.



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Brendan Carr

Brendan Carr

Brendan Carr interviews bestselling authors and military leaders, then writes about it here on Medium.